Anabel Montalbano

Wellness Coordinator, Lead Group X Instructor and Personal Trainer


Anabel specializes in healthy living solutions and life changing fitness programs individualized for a person’s goals and needs. As a Minister, fitness is that cornerstone of her philosophy believing that as the body is being taken care of, the mind and spirit have more time to be open to the wonders of life.

“If we are not overly consumed with the poor state of our bodies we can focus better enjoying our lives with much more quality and peace of mind.”

Available for: Zumba, Weight Training and other classes, Personal Training, Private group training and classes

Phone: 401-315-0115

Dan Murray



Mission Statement: To provide a personalized service based fitness and overall wellness experience that truly helps its members to achieve long term success and optimal results with their own individual goals.

Dan: Specializing in: Muscle building, body sculpting, as well as mind and body development